Steven LittlefieldPresident

    Steve aka “Capt. America or The Capt.” is a California native who graduated from San Diego State with a B.S. in Business Administration/Marketing and completion of the University Honors Program.

    From an early age he was interested in being the guy who signed the front of the paycheck and even started mini business ventures as early as second grade where he was selling paper boats and hats to all the kids “who didn’t know how to make them.”

    He worked 3 jobs while going through high school, worked while attending college and even put himself through Rio Hondo’s Fire Academy where he received the Top Cadet Award in 2009 while working full time in the medical industry.

    After 14 years of professional sales and sales management experience he decided to open TCD Consulting, Inc and officially start signing the front of the paycheck. He is dedicated to developing America’s future business leaders through his Management Training Program because he realizes that climbing the proverbial “Corporate Ladder” will only lead you to the “Corporate Ceiling” where you are not in control of anything, not even your paycheck.

    Outside of work, Steve enjoys working out, surfing, SUP, singing, playing his guitar, volleyball, ultimate frisbee, and traveling. He has been to 34 countries thus far, maintains his E.M.T. status “just in case” and even made his own app available for sale on the App store for Apple users called BizNavi.

    Steve is extremely excited about the recent relocation of TCD from California to Dallas, TX and is looking forward to promoting future managers and building an international organization.

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