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    Truly effective leaders do not rely on a title of “management” to lead others. Our managers remain focused on serving those under them, creating a fun, professional and integrity driven environment, where they will lead through trust and respect. Every member of our management team has been through, been led, and has led every phase of our business. As a result, we are able to integrate and synergize all aspects of our organization in order to move towards the common goal of living our mission statement, and making a hugely positive mark on the world.

    Upon completing our program, a management candidate will receive TCD Consulting, Inc. Management Certificate of Completion. At this point our goal is to promote an Assistant Manager into a Management role, where they are to assume responsibility for all aspects of business finance, accounting, payroll, advertising, recruiting, administrative duties, business/leadership development and overall management of business operations. Our Managers are given full reign of setting and achieving business performance standards while meeting and exceeding all client expectations.

    Development Focus
    • Organizational Management
    • Advanced organizational psychology training, empowerment, effective delegation, vision casting
    • Leadership Development
    • Further critical conversation training
    • Development of core leadership team
    • One on one training, goal setting, game planning, personal development, value identification
    • Personal Development
    • Plan for continual self improvement
    • Priority management and balance
    • One on one coaching from outside consultants
    • Business Development
    • Campaign Development
    • Work with business development team to establish employee incentive programs
    • Work with campaign liaisons and client representatives to further productivity, training procedures and develop sales materials
    • Advanced Business Finance
    • Weekly accounting training workshops with corporate accountants and hub managers
    • Manage corporate budget
    • Develop corporate breakeven
    • Monitor P & L, General Ledger, and Cash Flow Statements
    • Thorough understanding of corporate payroll taxation, health care and insurance costs
    • Development of Company Benefit Programs
    • 401K establishment
    • Management of business health care plans
    • Advanced Personal Finance Training
    • Investment Strategies
    • Roth IRAs, Sep IRAs, Life Insurance Policies,
    • Intro to Real Estate Investment
    • Stock portfolio management
    • Establishment of personal financial goal setting, budgeting, and savings plans
    • Business Marketing, Advertising and Branding
    • Establishment of company website
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • Establishment and linking of social media pages
    • Development of company press releases
    • Establish relationships and membership with local Chamber of Commerce, Business Organizations, and Networking Groups/Forums


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