Assistant Management

    Assistant Management

    Duration: 3-6 Months



    Upon successful completion of the leadership phase of development as a Senior Brand Ambassador or S.B.A., one is promoted to the Assistant Management role where we commence the final phase of the Management Training Program. Our goal here is to thoroughly prepare a future manager to handle all aspects of managing and operating an expansion office with revenues of $1million plus.

    Development Focus
    • Business Finance
    • Profit and Loss Analysis
    • Understanding of General Ledge and Cash Flow Statements
    • Fundamentals of effective profit margin management
    • Expense Budgeting
    • Corporate taxation
    • Human Resources/Business Administration
    • Payroll
    • Paychex Training
    • Payroll spreadsheet preparation
    • Advancements, true ups, claw backs, bonus management
    • Background Checks
    • Merlin Web Portal Training
    • Payment Data Management
    • New Hire paperwork
    • Thorough W-4 and W-11 Understanding
    • Harassment Policies
    • I-9 Hiring and Employment Laws
    • Ability to understand and explain compensation plans and health benefits
    • Hiring and Employment Best Practices
    • Recruiting
    • Thorough understanding of effective recruiting funnel
    • Ad writing and placement
    • Familiarization with Monster, Career Builder, Craigslist, Hot Jobs,
    • College Job Boards
    • Attract candidates meeting specific target demographic criteria
    • Title, Intro, Body, and Logistics composition training
    • Interviewing
    • Effectively screen for qualified candidates
    • Talent Scouting mastery
    • Conduct effective face to face interviews of qualified candidates
    • Business Development and Corporate Game Planning
    • Lead effective business development meetings
    • Manage and meet corporate sales targets
    • Intro to Quarterly Review management
    • Employee review
    • Corporate review
    • Market analysis
    • Understand principles and requirements of business expansion
    • Management of client sales targets, quality control issues, client sales incentive implementation
    • Company, Corporate financial planning
    • Corporate Event Planning
    • Organization of management retreats
    • Planning, budgeting, purchasing, and event coordination
    • Plan speakers, workshops, breakout sessions, general sessions, team building projects/activities, leadership development training
    • Covey Link Speed of Trust Training
    • 4 Cores of Credibility, 5 Waves of Trust (Self Trust, Relationship Trust, Organizational Trust, Market Trust, Societal Trust)
    • Time and Priority Management Training Completion
    • Franklin Covey Certification
    • Complete Franklin Covey FOCUS training seminar


    Required Reading

    • “The Effective Executive” -Peter Drucker
    • “Lincoln on Leadership” -Donald T. Phillips
    • “The Magic of Thinking Big” -David Schwartz


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